Development of a B2B portal for manufacturers, dealers, franchisors and wholesalers

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Saint-Gobain is one of the top 100 largest industrial corporations in the world. The company develops innovative solutions for construction, renovation, industry and transport.

The problem

The client needed to develop a B2B portal with the integration of an ERP system for business automation, taking into account all the allowances, discounts, penalties and pricing features when ordering a client, which was the complexity of the project that other contractors did not dare to undertake.


  • Creating a B2B portal on Magento 2
  • SAP ERP integration
  • Mobile app development on iOS and Android platforms</aside>

B2B portal development

The B2B portal was developed on Magento 2.

Thanks to this, it became possible by default to select a responsible user for the client, a manager for each organization and a legal entity for customers.

SAP ERP implementation

Taking into account the complexity of the customer's document management and pricing, integration with SAP ERP was carried out, which allows us to take into account all rules, allowances, discounts, penalties and unique pricing features.

Mobile app design and development

Our goal was to preserve 100% of the functionality of the desktop version of the project, while creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The user must perform any target action with 2-4 clicks.

And we did it!

Custom statuses

Like the website, the mobile version on the order page allows you to see the entire business process and the order flow chart. This scheme is unique for each set of rules and reflects actual order processing transitions.

Some statuses require customer confirmation — in such cases, the client receives email notifications automatically.

All order information on one screen


for 1 month we have launched an MVP with SAP integration based on the original design.

in 2 months we launched a project with the full functionality described and ensured the first inclusion of customers.

in 6 months We fine-tuned all business processes in the office, taking into account the complexity of the cases.


“You're professionals. At the first meeting, I talked about the project idea, and you helped me finalize it and transform it into something special.”

Vladimir Belyaev, Head of Sales Development at Saint-Gobain

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