Pimcore integration for tracking quantitative and qualitative indicators

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An online store that sells wholesale and retail spare parts for foreign cars and domestic cars.


The client worked in a self-written ERP, in which it was not possible to store and update marketing data about goods. In addition, the customer wanted a system that would allow monitoring both quantitative and qualitative performance indicators of content managers.


  • Pimcore integration from scratch.
  • Import refinement: dynamic creation of elements during import if they are not available (car brands, categories, attribute selector options).
  • Integration with the site and ERP.
  • Save and display a history of all user actions in a table.
  • Creating custom reports on the number of changed objects and added attributes, specifying users, filtering by object date/class, chart and the ability to download the report in Excel table format.
  • Development of a mechanism for archiving objects.
  • Introduction of additional methods for importing images from external resources in accordance with certain logic.
  • Implementation of Pimcore's custom operation “Object Archiving”.
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