Akeneo PIM integration into the LAPP Group B2B portal infrastructure

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LAPP is the representative office of the international holding LAPP Group in Russia. It is a major manufacturer and supplier of cable and wire products. The company's catalog contains 40,000 items and about 20,000. SKU, there are factories and production centers around the world.


The customer wanted to improve the process of managing product data on his B2B portal. To do this, it was necessary to implement a local solution, specifically for the Russian division. Although SAP integration with EPIM was set up earlier, access to the holding's shared storage with product information was denied. We proposed a solution that made it possible to integrate Akeneo PIM, SAP and the B2B portal, based on partial data upload without affecting the private part of the storage.

rus: Интеграция Akeneo PIM в инфраструктуру B2B-портала LAPP Group

Akeneo PIM integration

At the beginning, we made the transition from EPIM to Akeneo PIM. This made it possible to download, edit and synchronize data from ERP systems and send relevant information to the sales channel.

rus: Интеграция Akeneo PIM

Single data warehouse

Akeneo PIM is a master system for working with products, categories, images and documents uploaded to a B2B portal and a single repository of this data in a single system. Thus, all the original XML files containing data from EPIM were processed and uploaded to Akeneo.

rus: Единое хранилище данных

Synchronization with a B2B portal

On the B2B portal side, an integration was implemented and configured to receive these documents and data, adjusting the upload frequency.

rus: Синхронизация с B2B-порталом


The transition from EPIM to Akeneo PIM allowed the client to work with products, categories, documents and media content in one system. Thanks to Akeneo PIM's integration with the B2B portal, any changes are immediately displayed in the product card or categories.

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