Rapid application development with Zoho in the low-code paradigm - KT.team

Rapid app development with Zoho

Rapid app development with Zoho

Zoho is a low-code platform with a set of tools for developing cross-platform business applications from scratch without the need to involve a development team to write and maintain code. Zoho Creator works on the SaaS model, which ensures the simplicity and high speed of external integrations.

Development opportunities with Zoho


Drag and drop interface

Learn more about low-code development at Zoho - KT.team
Zoho's drag and drop interface in the low-code paradigm - KT.team

The Zoho Creator visual designer allows you to transform business logic of any complexity into processes with working functionality. The drag and drop interface is everything you need to implement complex mathematical calculations and automate template tasks.


Easy integrations

Learn more about low-code development at Zoho - KT.team
Simple systems integrations with Zoho in the low-code paradigm - KT.team

Zoho Creator provides ready-made solutions for integration with various systems and cloud services. You can quickly integrate with Zoho apps and third-party platforms like QuickBooks, Zapier, or PayPal.


Manage access rights

Learn more about low-code development at Zoho - KT.team
Managing access rights in Zoho in the low-code paradigm - KT.team

With Zoho, you can assign roles to users and give access to only the information they need. Access control at the user role level ensures the security of business processes and simplifies work.



Learn more about low-code development at Zoho - KT.team
Reporting in Zoho in the low-code paradigm - KT.team

Zoho provides detailed reports on your business processes in any form you need — Kanban boards, tables, lists, calendars, timelines, etc.



Learn more about low-code development at Zoho - KT.team
Zoho for creating cross-platform applications in the low-code paradigm - KT.team

With Zoho Creator, you create an application that can be used on different devices — laptops, tablets, smartphones. The application, built on Zoho Creator, is automatically supported by iOS and Android devices without additional development.

The advantages of Zoho as a low-code platform

Quick launch of projects

A rich ecosystem of intuitive visual designers, ready-to-use code snippets, form templates, and reports helps you deploy applications quickly.

Safety of use

As a low-code platform, Zoho meets high availability standards. Zoho's security features include audit logs, user access control, and automated threat assessment and monitoring.

Flexibility of solutions

As a low-code platform, Zoho Creator provides flexible and scalable solutions that allow you to quickly adapt to market changes and the needs of your customers. You can make changes to the project in real time.

Zoho Creator ready-made low-code solutions



IT resource management

IT and Administration — applications for administering IT resources. They include: tracking IT assets, bugs, errors and task completion, security management, logging, and Time Tracker.

Sales management

Sales and Marketing — applications for managing marketing activities and synchronizing the activities of marketing and sales departments. Ready-made solutions: monitoring leads and customer interactions, maintaining a product catalog, setting up email newsletters, managing sales, quotes, franchises and points of sale.

Personnel management

Human Resources — applications for personnel management, hiring, onboarding, day planning, etc.

Financial management

Finance — applications for digitizing financial statements, maintaining accounting and tax records, arranging business trips, etc.

Customer service management

Customer Service — applications for logging calls, monitoring customer service and support activities.

Other operations

Operations are applications for optimizing production operations, taking into account the individual requirements of each industry. They include: interaction with suppliers and distributors, order management, inventory management, logistics and real estate.

Industry solutions

The introduction of Zoho into the infrastructure of a medical company - KT.team


Briotix Health is an American healthcare company that provides ergonomic office services for small and medium-sized businesses to maintain the health and ability to work of their employees.


All customer information in one app

Briotix Health employs more than 400 specialists (doctors, physiotherapists, sports trainers) who visit clients for health counseling. Using the capabilities of the Zoho low-code platform, Briotix Health was able to digitize all business processes and create an application that accumulates customer information and timesheet data for each employee, as well as generates the documents necessary for billing.

Implementing Zoho for corporate training - KT.team

Corporate training

English2go is an English language school specializing in corporate training for company employees.


Digitalization of key processes

Using the low-code platform, Zoho English2Go has digitized business processes and optimized customer interactions. English2Go has automated recording of class attendance, calculating teachers' salaries, and compiling reports. Thanks to the low-code solution designer, the company was able to create individual portals for administrators, teachers and students, which made it possible to eliminate confusion when planning, rescheduling or canceling classes.

The introduction of Zoho into the infrastructure of a manufacturing company - KT.team


Mission Bicycle is an American manufacturer of unique bicycles designed to meet individual customer requirements.


Supplier relationship management, product registration

Initially, Zoho was used as a solution for creating an order management app. Then the application's functionality expanded to supplier management, after-sales services, and financial accounting and reporting. In addition, a procedure has been introduced to register each bike on the site to work with local law enforcement agencies and other bike shops so that if they are stolen, bicycles can be found and returned to their owners.

Low-code implementation cases

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