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Andrey Borisovich Mistulov

Andrey Borisovich Mistulov

Web Development and Project Management Director

Inventive Retail Group

On behalf of Inventive Retail Group, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the for their fruitful cooperation as part of the implementation of a new ambitious project. We would like to note the high involvement at all stages of its implementation, the professionalism and personal qualities of all employees involved in the project.

Eric Duboille

Eric Duboille

Directeur Expertise E-Commerce, FM France SAS

FM Logistic

We came to KT.Team with a request to set up a platform to easily connect clients, carriers and WMS in FM Logistic France. The result was successively achieved. The work on project went well, and by now we have onboarded on a new platform a big client — it’s great result! I’d like to especially note very good reactivity and professionalism of the project managers, devs and ops who always help us. We look forward to working with your team on our new projects!

Dmitry Saveliev

Dmitry Saveliev

Digital Development Advisor to the Board


The Muztorg Group of Companies has been successfully cooperating with the for more than two years. When working on projects, we are greatly helped by the high professionalism of our partners and the ability to combine the precise organization of project work with the minimization of formal restrictions. I would also like to note the friendliness and openness of employees. I express my gratitude for the fruitful cooperation.

Maxim Sergeev

Maxim Sergeev

E-Commerce Product Value Manager

TRANSATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL, JSC has implemented a project for TRANSATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL to implement a PIM system. Despite the fact that the project was short, the project manager regularly organized reporting meetings on the implementation status, showed progress and shared plans for the next sprint. Progress on the project was transparent and understandable for our team, and we had the opportunity to adjust the plan. Requests from the project manager made it possible to adapt the PIM system to our needs.


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