Integration of Talend ESB into the IT infrastructure of a logistics company

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FM Logistic is an international logistics company that provides warehousing, cargo processing and packaging services, as well as supply chain management.


The client's number of projects is constantly growing. It was necessary to find a solution that would speed up the development and integration of new systems, as well as allow managers to perform basic tasks on their own, without the participation of developers.

rus: Интеграция Talend ESB в IT-инфраструктуру логистической компании


The introduction of the Talend ESB service bus into the project infrastructure made it possible to speed up the work on integrations by 4 times. Now, instead of writing code, the developer just needs to configure job, which is responsible for specific functionality. Thanks to Talend ESB, managers can independently, without involving developers, perform simple tasks, such as converting from one file format to another.

The Talend bus saved time spent on routine management tasks, and devoted developers' time to more complex tasks.

rus: Внедрение сервисной шины Talend ESB

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