Development of a logistics management portal in the B2B sector

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FM Logistic is an international logistics company that provides warehousing and processing, packaging and supply chain management services.


Develop a modern B2B portal that will allow FM Logistic to offer its merchants, regardless of their scale, integration with the API instead of sharing files.


  • Magento 2.3 as a centralized management system.
  • Integrations with WMS systems.
  • Integrations with LMS systems.
  • Development of a web service for printing and sticking.
  • Development of cash calculation functionality.
  • Development of software for the warehouse conveyor and its integration with Magento.
  • Development of an interface for a mobile barcode scanner.

Warehouse management

Integrations were carried out to effectively manage warehouses with WMS systems (Infolog, Reflex and Oxygen):

  • to manage receipt, assembly, shipment and other basic warehouse operations;
  • calculating options for shipping units and packaging goods, taking into account their size and conditions of transportation;
  • automated document management;
  • obtaining accurate information about the location of the goods in stock;
  • making it easier to work with returns — Magento immediately changes the order status.

The result is an increase in efficiency and the development of goods processing processes at the company's 27 warehouses at once.

Delivery service

For the convenience of tracking postal items, integration was carried out with many LMS systems, including LMS Shiptor, LMS Russian Post, LMS Lamoda and LMS DPD. This made it possible to:

  • send parcels all over the world;
  • automatically send notifications about their location;
  • send data on the exact weight of parcels and goods by warehouse and merchant (for LMS Russian Post).

For a more efficient delivery service, we we have developed a universal web service for sticking and printing labels with parcel and order data, which routes and delivers data to the printer.

Development of cash calculation functionality

We have completed cash calculation functionality four types of payment registers:

  1. a register of LMS services, which is issued directly to FM Logistic so that it pays for LMS services;
  2. invoicing register for FM Logistic services to merchants;
  3. cash & delivery register — the courier fee is transferred to the merchant for payment;
  4. merchant services register (upon request from the merchant).

All functionality goes through SAP ERP, and all registries are calculated in Magento.

Electronic data exchange

A separate module has been created to quickly process and transfer data on parcels and orders — exchange flows.

We carried out EDI integration, which made it possible to:

  • transfer data on request;
  • create OMS status triggers;
  • form an EDI order.

Was a messaging interface and an SMS module have been developed with the implementation of message templates (“Order has been collected”, “Order has been sent”, etc.) and setting up SMS as a service.

Magento integration with the pipeline

The conveyor is a pilot project by FM Logistic to improve the assembly process, increase the speed and volume of order processing. The conveyor is built into a five-level mezzanine warehouse. Merchant sections are located on the upper four floors of the mezzanine, where orders are collected and shipped to the first floor by conveyor.

A special platform weighs orders, measures their dimensions and transmits data to Magento, from where the information is sent to LMS systems and emails. In response, Magento prints the main FM Logistic sticker and an additional shipping label if needed. After that, the conveyor distributes parcels to target delivery services. All the software that ensures the operation of the pipeline and integration with Magento was developed by us.

Development of an interface for a mobile barcode scanner

We have also developed an interface for a mobile barcode scanner that allows you to manage shipments: stickers are scanned on collected pallets, the shipment is filled by weight, documents are received for this shipment, and then these pallets are loaded into the truck.

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