Django and Flask development

Developing projects and applications on Django and Flask

Django is a high-level Python framework that helps you develop a project faster and cleaner. Django's main principle — DRY (abbreviated from English don't repeat yourself) — allows you to achieve ease of making changes, high-quality testing and high development speed without unnecessary code duplication.

Django benefits


The all inclusive principle

Django works on an all inclusive basis. Django's tools include ORM for managing access to databases, as well as dynamic HTML document templates. This speeds up the development process because the programmer does not need to re-develop basic functions.



Django is a set of independent plugins that are connected and ready to use by default, but can be disabled at any time if not in demand and replaced with other specific solutions (example: replacing payment systems). Ideal for high-load projects with heavy traffic.



Django prevents a lot of common security bugs by default. The framework hides your site's source code by dynamically generating web pages using templates that send information to web browsers when viewed live online.


SEO optimization

Python projects differ from projects written in another language in that they have clean and easy to read code, which makes these sites rank first in search results. Django allows you to create clear URLs using relevant keywords and taking into account search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations.

When to choose Django

Django is suitable for large high-load projects and applications: news and B2B portals, e-commerce and other projects whose main goal is the final product.

Flask is a microframework for creating websites in Python. The main principle here is “simple problems should have a simple solution”. Although the Flask core is simple, it is quite flexible in terms of extensions.

Flask benefits



Flask allows the programmer to have full control over the development process. Thanks to the framework's simple structure and syntax, the output is beautiful and clean.



Most of the Flask framework is highly optimized. There is a template engine whose interface a programmer can edit if necessary.



Flask already has unit tests, a built-in development server, a debugger, and a request handler.

When to choose Flask

Flask is ideal for small sites that require maximum control over all components used in the project.

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