Akeneo PIM integration into the Norgau website

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Single storage for goods

The customer's online store contains more than 600,000. SKU, and all product data was stored in different systems, which only complicated all work on the site.

PIM integration on Magento made it possible to synchronize the entire array of product catalog data by category and group in one system for ease of use and processing.

rus: Akeneo PIM Единое хранилище для товаров

Import optimization

It took a lot of time for a huge number of products to arrive at Magento.

Optimizing imports on PIM helped increase the speed and frequency of product updates on the site.

rus: Akeneo PIM Оптимизация импорта

Sale of product sets

The peculiarity of the Norgau online store was its complex workflow and individual pricing for each order.

Using PIM, our developers were able to process price offers for product groups.

rus: Akeneo PIM Реализация наборов товаров

About our work

“Norgau Russland LLC, the development of the country's first B2B on Magento 2. A large amount of technical and design work has been completed. The quality is at a high level!”

Alexey Dubovsky,
Norga IT Director

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